This letter is in response to Sept. 3 front page article, "High Capacity Magazines Get Renewed Political Scrutiny.”

Specifically, the response is pointing out the false, inaccurate and incorrect statements in the article. In the article it is stated that Steve Paddock was firing about 10 rounds per second at the deadly Las Vegas shooting as result of a large capacity magazine and the now-banned bump stock. This information is purported to be verified by "Louis Klarevas, a research professor at Columbia University".

It needs to pointed out that Klarevas is fabricating false information, distorting facts and publishing inaccurate information; i.e. false news. A little fact checking by any reputable reporter would prove that the facts are distorted. Fact: an M60, fully automatic, military-grade machine gun has a cyclical fire rate of 500 to 600 rounds per minute. That is 8.3 to 10 rounds per second. I am totally confused. I need someone to explain to me how a 100-round magazine plus a bump stock on a semi-automatic rifle can be equated to a military machine gun? It is physically impossible to fire a semi-automatic rifle at the same rate as a full automatic machine gun. Come on news people, do your job and verify the statements.

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Randy Krohe


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