Wake up people.

If you think the Republican Party is looking out for your best interests, wake up and think again.

The huge tax break for large corporations and the top 1 percent was not meant for the middle- or lower-class. Unless you invest heavily in the stock market, own a great deal of real estate or spend taxpayer money at will, you are not even on the Republican Party's radar.

The Republican Party wants you to think socialism is the problem so they can hide what they are really about, capitalistic greed. With their tax give-away to the rich and corporations, Republicans can now begin dismantling the middle- and lower-class.

They want to make up for our huge sinful deficit by getting rid of social programs and lowering Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits, which some people need to survive.

Republicans would also like you to believe people using benefits from social programs are lazy and just need to get a job. I have lived in the Quad-City area for many years and work through my church to help the less fortunate, and I don't agree with their premise.

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Most people work two jobs and still can't make it because of the high cost of housing, food (even on food stamps), utilities, car expense, medical care and so on ...

The next time you hear the Republican Party say it is looking out for most of us, think again.

Time is running out for needed change and political accountability. Wake up people.

James Harder


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