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After reading David Praters' letter (Dec. 26), I wanted to write that I absolutely agree with him. I believe anyone who wants to come into this country is welcome to do so as long as they come in legally, read and speak our language, obey our laws and stop trying to change our rights because they "offend them."

It's too bad if they don't like what we do or believe in. Then why try so hard to come here and try to change things to suit themselves or their beliefs so they don't get "offended?" They should stay in their own country and then what we do or believe won't "upset" them.

I'm tired of having my rights taken away because of their coming here and getting offended. Then I get "offended" that I lose my rights and beliefs. Also, respect our flag. If you're here, you should be a citizen, so therefore it is your flag too, so respect it. I believe that If you don't respect it, then you shouldn't be here.

Elenore Finch


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