A week ago, I read an article by Barb Ickes referring to the two teachers who lost their lives in a pool accident. It didn’t take long to discover that it was just another opportunity to smear a member of our community whose character is above reproach.

Dr. Barbara Harre is one of most respected physicians in our community and runs The Child Protection Response Center. This is a place where families can go in the Quad Cities to receive the mental health care that they need and deserve. She puts in long hours. I know this because I have been there and witnessed her dedication.

Perhaps, Barb Ickes, she isn’t returning your phone calls because she is working with families who have been on a waiting list for months just to work with her; maybe she is calling a family who is in the middle of a crisis and needs her attention; maybe she is visiting one of the local schools doing medication checks for children whose parents don’t have the means to get them to the office — or perhaps she is not calling you back because she has respect for the confidentially of all of those she cares for, whether they are alive or deceased.

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I find it offensive that Ickes utilized the death of two teachers in the area as a way to throw a temper tantrum because she did not receive a call back from Dr. Harre.

Ashley Leibold


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