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In a recent Sunday edition, the Quad-City Times editorial on the number of students being suspended from Davenport left out some key figures. The piece was correct that there were 3,687 student suspensions, but left out one major fact. That fact was that number of suspensions involved 1,682 students, so many of the same students had two if not more incidents leading to multiple suspensions.

As a retired teacher, I can assure you that whenever a student is taken from your classroom you make a call home to inform a parent or guardian of the action taken and why. Where does the blame lie for these students? Could it be with students and their parents?

As usually happens, the Times reports half the facts and then jumps to the conclusion that the school must be at fault. Before you blame the schools, how about some research into the problem? And most glaring is the fact that nowhere in your editorial was any type of solution offered.

Tom Gray


Editor's note: Gray is a retired teacher from Davenport Community School District.