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Letter: Elect Uribe

Letter: Elect Uribe


Attention Rock Island voters residing north of 31st Avenue between 24th and 30th Streets. You have the opportunity to change how business is done on the Rock Island County Board. Elect Jim Uribe to represent your interests in the upcoming election. Yes, your interests and your taxes, not the interests of the Democratic Party cabal that ignore their constituents year after year, decade after decade.

How big a difference you can make? Electing Uribe will weaken the Democrats' stranglehold on taxing and spending that cripples our county. The board's own comprehensive annual finance report shows operating losses from the last three years that run into millions.

As always, the board cabal answers by raising more taxes to protect sacred cows that hemorrhage your tax dollars. What are the sacred cows draining us dry? Why does the board protect money-losing entities? A nursing home, zoo and Forest Preserve that have to be taxpayer subsidized? Deficit after deficit, year after year, and you in the 16th District can reverse this spiral by taking a stand that helps all county citizens.

Uribe is eminently qualified to serve. His resume’ consists of a Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University and a master's degree from St. Ambrose University covering strategic planning, employee relations and industrial preparedness, to name a few.

Jim regularly attends Rock Island County Board meetings and addresses the board on crucial tax and spend issues.

Reshuffle the deck. Speak truth to power by electing Jim Uribe as your board representative.

Jeffrey H. Rice

Rock Island


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