Why are we giving Planned Parenthood taxpayer money, as if they are some benevolent organization in need of funding to survive? The fact is that taxes make up a large part of their budget.

It may be that they need our tax contributions. However, we need to end taxpayer support of Planned Parenthood.

Abortion is not a necessary evil. In my opinion, abortion should be legal only in cases of incest, rape or the life of the mother.

The fetus aborted is a potential life. We don't know what the child could become. It could be a doctor, lawyer, farmer, teacher, scientist or factory worker. Each life is precious.

There is nothing in the Constitution that gives a mother the right to have an abortion. If the mother doesn't want to raise the child, one option is to have it and give it up for adoption. There are thousands of couples who are unable to have children and would love to be able to adopt a baby.

It's time to end legalized abortion in this country.

Nancy Mixdorf


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