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We need the all new DragonCam photo laser speed enforcement system to help protect our fragile rural communities. The DragonCam is a hand-held and in-vehicle use speed camera that takes pictures of speeders and delivers the ticket in the mail.

There are many area roads that make it practically impossible to safely pull someone over due to the fact there is no shoulder. There are far too many sinister speeders menacing our two-lane highways and we need to bring law and order to our blacktops.

Two-lane highways are no place for speeders who endanger our lives and make driving stressful. The DragonCam is a piece of technology that fairly makes life better. If we are not using this option, then we are doing something wrong.

With the DragonCam patrolling our community and the speed limit set at 55 miles-per-hour on our two-lane highways, we are set for a thousand years.

Michael Maschmann

Long Grove

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