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Thank you, to the Times editorial board for Wednesday's editorial entitled, "Big Table is worth your time." As a 64-year old, life-long Quad-Cities resident, I am looking forward to a public table session next Friday and a private table session the next day.

Sadly, among my friends, relatives, and acquaintances, I am the only one who has enrolled so far. The most common excuses given are:

  • The discussion might degenerate into a political brawl that will not result in unity and progress.
  • They don't have the resources (time, money and energy) to help turn the ideas they generate into reality.
  • Their ideas will drop through the bureaucratic cracks and never even get reviewed, let alone acted upon.

The above mentioned editorial starts to address these concerns, but any further discussion of them would be appreciated.

In the meantime, folks, give it a shot. It's only an hour of your time. Now, back to work on my nutty ideas.

Luanne Beinke

Rock Island