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In a recent article in the Des Moines Register I saw a quote from a fellow Iowan in regard to U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst. She said about Ernst that "she isn’t afraid to speak out."

I would guess this person has never called Ernst’s offices and tried to get a statement on anything.

For example:

On President Trump's tariffs directly resulting in record bankruptcies for American farmers, Ernst has nothing to say anymore.

On Trump's declaration of a national state of emergency at our southern border, Ernst is on the record as “no opinion.” No opinion on a state of emergency?

A Coast Guard lieutenant arrested for an alleged home grown terrorist plot, Ernst has no statement? None.

On any one of our many many daily mass shootings, Ernst does not even have a "thoughts and prayers" tweet anymore for those murdered.

On Trump's partial government shutdown for 35 days, Ernst had one bland comment before the shutdown. One.

On Trump's well known lies that he repeated during the State of the Union address to the entire nation, Ernst, as I recall, actually stood and applauded.

As one who has actively sought statements from Ernst’s offices and has paid careful attention to the actions of Iowa’s junior senator, my own conclusion is that, no, she does not speak out. Iowans deserve someone who would.

Barb Walsh



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