Letter: False innuendo against Dan Dolan

Letter: False innuendo against Dan Dolan


Much has been written about the moronic Lincoln School decision by the Davenport School Board, but little has been said about other things that have underwritten that outcome.

The first is the false innuendo levied against the Lincoln School high bidder Dan Dolan, a builder and developer. It is astounding to think a major policy decision could be rendered based on an unfounded accusation by one board member, without research and investigation.

Dolan is a skilled and competent home builder and real estate agent. His reputation is sound, and he is ahead of the curve in recognizing the needs of American veterans.

As the father of two West Point graduates, he knows the physical, psychological and economic challenges of the vets and is moving to address them.

For a school district that is rife with mismanagement, substandard performance and financial stress to reject the Dolan offer reinforces what real estate agents and home builders hear every day from clients with school age kids — 'no' to Davenport and 'yes' to Bettendorf and Pleasant Valley schools.

Additionally, like the Davenport School Board, other segments of the Davenport governing structure — boards, commissions, operating departments — are afflicted with this same unquestioning attitude that the status quo is OK.

Why let homework, research and data gathering challenge entrenched mediocrity? After all, people don't matter. It is the power base that needs to hold.

Dan Dolan will find another venue with which to serve veterans. And Davenport will create another commission to study the flight to Bettendorf and Pleasant Valley.

Scott Kelling 



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