I'd like to respond to William M. Grothus' May 21 letter to the editor. ('Democrats are best hope to resist flood').

It is a tragedy that the barriers failed and water poured into the streets of Davenport.

The next time a flood is forecast, we should enlist the person who is running the country to come and tell everyone that he is going to build a flood barrier and Mexico will pay for it. If only we could fill sandbags with his 10,000 lies, all his love letters from the North Korean dictator, his score cards from the 188 times he has golfed since being in office, which by the way, cost the taxpayers $88 million. On the campaign trail he said he would never leave the White House because he would be working too hard.

Mr. Grothus, you talked about Democratic resistance. What about all the Trump supporters' resistance to subpoenas, climate change, clean energy, Russian meddling, taxing the wealthy and everything President Obama accomplished in his eight years in office?

Democrats, get out and vote so that we can remove this self-proclaimed "extremely stable genius" from office. Then he can build his library, fill it full of pictures of himself and Dr. Seuss books, which his reading level can fully comprehend.

R.J. Voss


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