Of the half dozen candidates running for mayor of Davenport, I have yet to hear any proposal for improving our streets. It seems to me that, except for the city administration and the mayoral and aldermanic candidates, everyone else knows the terrible shape of our streets.

Good streets are an essential basic city service. What Davenport needs is a three-year plan to fix all substandard streets. We have the bonding capacity to augment our share of the state fuel tax as long as necessary repairs would outlast the time needed to pay off those bonds. Municipal interest rates are hovering at record-low levels, so now is the ideal time to act.

Every Davenport voter and citizen knows our streets are in terrible shape with recurring pot holes and pavement breaks galore. This election is the time for voters to take the initiative and demand from candidates a pledge to remedy our broken streets with an achievable three-year plan.

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We just don’t have to put up with having the worst streets.

Larry d’Autremont


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