There is a gang that operates in the major cities in the United States.

They are involved in: Human trafficking, illegal gun sales, prostitution, money laundering, extortion, transferring illegal aliens to the U.S., white collar crime, extreme violence, torture and murder, illegal drug sales, illegal documents, and they come in through ports of entry other than the Southern border.

They have been described as using extreme violence and fear for economic gain.

This is the Russian gang, Bratva. There is a high concentration of Bratva in New York. Why has Trump not spoken about them as a crisis? They are possibly more of a threat then MS-13.

Maybe it is because: Bratva is Caucasian, Trump borrowed money from Bratva, Vladimir Putin requested a pass and was given a blind eye, he has a property deal he is negotiating with Bratva, and Bratva has illicit tapes of Trump.

These are questions one needs to ask and not believe everything this president says.

Vince Ryan


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