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What about the poor French speakers? Did you know all French nouns are classified as either masculine or feminine? And thus, if a noun is feminine, you must use the word "la" in front of it, and conversely, if a noun is masculine, you are required to use the word "le" preceding it. "La" and "le" translate as "the."

So, how in the world are they going to be able to adapt to converting to all non-gender-specific/neutral words such as "ze" and "ne" or whatever weird words those offended liberal snowflakes have decided upon, while thinking higher thoughts than you and I, while they sit on their tuffets in their ivory towers and look down their noses at us? Is there a great conspiracy out there to erase all signs of gender in our society? Well, I say that's crazy.

When someone finds out she is pregnant, what's the very first question people ask? That's right, "Is it a boy or a girl?" Gender is a biological fact. What I say in response to all this attempted erasure of genders is that I love men. And I love all the many differences between men and women. As the French would say, "Vive la différence."

Sharon Kirkham

Cordova, Illinois

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