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On Nov. 29, the Quad-City Times published a story about an event at St. Ambrose in Davenport titled "Embrace Race Luncheon." The purpose was to provide young boys of color an opportunity to meet and be mentored by a group of adult male role models. As a person of color, born during America's Civil Rights movement, and a retired US Army soldier I wish to salute the newspaper for profiling this courageous group of forward-thinking people who are trying to leave the world a bit better than they found it.

Regarding the youth he mentors, Tymon Vesey Sr., is quoted "They didn't ask to be in the situation they are in... A lot of the barriers they're faced with are fatherless homes and actually raising their siblings. Financial stability is the biggest issue we're faced with."

This suggests that children don't choose their parents, but their parents choose them as the gift they are. Those given gifts are likewise given responsibilities.

Brothers and sisters let us embrace fatherhood because too many little boys fail to become men living in a village. Let us march for marriage. Let us boycott "baby mama" and "baby daddy," from our consciences.

Let us hold sit-ins against sex before graduation and having children out of wedlock which leads to poverty, segregation, and incarceration. Let us hold non-violent demonstrations, informing leadership we need less social services and more spiritual wisdom to avoid societal suicide.

Michelle Dawn Fryxell


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