Letter: Give Klobuchar a ticket

Letter: Give Klobuchar a ticket


I strongly support the progressive three-term Senator Amy Klobuchar from the neighboring state of Minnesota for the Democratic presidential nomination.

She is a Midwestern pragmatist who can bring us together, to do what is best for all Americans. She can defeat Trump in decisive battleground states, including Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and yes, Minnesota (Trump lost it in 2016 by only 1.4%).

She wins the support of 70% of the Minnesota electorate, including many Republicans. She won all the red districts Trump won in her re-election campaign. And she beat Trump by 17 points in a recent (Minneapolis) Star-Tribune poll of Minnesotans, considerably more than Biden, Sanders or Warren.

Notably, she has introduced or co-introduced a good deal of legislation (101 bills) in the U.S. Senate, drawing bipartisan support. Her proposed laws before Congress include: Empowering Medicare Seniors to Negotiate Drug Prices Act; Safe and Affordable Drugs from Canada Act and the Preserve Access to Affordable Generics Act.

Her policy proposal to research and cure Alzheimer’s offers a detailed plan endorsed by many in the medical community. (This issue is personal: her Dad suffers from Alzheimer's).

Amy Klobuchar is a once-in-a-generation political talent, a potentially transformative figure in our national life. She can defeat Trump in a debate. She zealously wants the chance to do so. She will make either a superb president (or vice president). We need to give her a ticket out of Iowa to continue her campaign.

Gary Heath



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