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The mainstream media has been accused of promulgating “fake” news to one degree or another. While that certainly appears to exist, for me, an equally disturbing problem is the “ignored” news. It is well-documented by the Media Research Center that 90 percent of news about President Trump in 2017 was negative.

Although it is true that some of that negativity is well-deserved, there is an obvious effort by media outlets to ignore positive stories. For example, just concerning economic growth: How many people have heard that unemployment is at historic lows, Black or African-American unemployment in December was the lowest ever recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Hispanic or Latino unemployment is almost at the lowest recorded? Or how many know that on Jan. 11, Walmart raised its minimum hourly wage from $9 to $11 and will be giving bonuses largely because of the Trump cut in the corporate tax rate?

These things and others are not widely known because the mainstream media chooses not to report them. Why not show some hint of fairness and throw a few crumbs to the hated Trump-zebub? To paraphrase Brent Bozell of the MRC, the mainstream media wouldn’t give him credit if he cured cancer.

The average, honest American can easily see the bias in news reporting when it happens, but they can’t see what isn’t reported at all.

Marc Possin

Geneseo, Illinois