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I am writing to compliment the city of Davenport and the members of its City Council on its efforts to bring new businesses and restaurants to the Quad-Cities.

A new superstore, Costco, is being built on Eeast 53rd Street. Until now, Quad-City Costco members were inconvenienced with having to travel to Iowa City to shop at the nearest Costco. Soon, they will not have to travel far at all in order to get the brands and foods they love. The news of this store coming to Davenport speaks to our city’s commitment to foster economic development. Not only will this store bring more convenience to citizens like me, it will also help bring more jobs and employ more people within the city.

I hope the city continues to bring new businesses to the Quad-Cities to make it an even better place to live. Keep up the excellent work.

Sarah Tallman


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