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Thank you for the headline on Bill Wohlford’s letter to the editor on Dec. 30. I’m not sure you planned it as tongue in cheek, but after reading the letter to the end I appreciate the irony. I truly thought the author was concerned about the global population, lack of food resources and climate problems we have created for ourselves and future generations.

Apparently, that was not the author’s intent. In the never-ending drumbeat of negativity that partisan politics has brought to the national conversation, Mr. Wohlford chose to blame groups and individuals whom he feels are responsible for the current situation. However, might I point out that the "elected geniuses" that he railed against were put into office by voters.

The Republicans controlled the House, Senate, and executive branch for the past two years. If they truly wanted to see comprehensive immigration reform, there was a window of opportunity. That window has closed. These same Republicans have decided to ignore climate change and all the serious ramifications that we see now. As far as tax policy and spending, Mr. Wohlford does not specifically place the blame on the current administration. We should be placing the blame on the Republican Congress that has passed the tax cuts for the wealthiest and increased the deficit.

I would like to fact check Mr. Wohlford on the "election" of Nancy Pelosi. "We" did not elect Ms. Pelosi to oversee tax spending. The new House majority will vote for the new speaker of the House.

Faith Endresen


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