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I sometimes have to shake my head at the multiple conservative politicians and faith leaders in the United States that preach intolerance and, at times, the criminalization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender lifestyles who later end up being exposed as child molesters or worse.

The latest of course is Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama. He is a noted law breaking former chief justice that was removed from the Alabama Supreme Court, who is famous for hating LGBT people and for refusing court orders.

Now people in Alabama have come to reporters at The Washington Post and have told multiple stories of Moore hitting on and in one case molesting teenage girls. The molestation was discussed by the victim and her mother, as well as friends of the girl. It seems our standards as Americans are slipping.

We elected a president that is an admitted sexual assaulter who walked into underage girls changing at the Teen Miss USA pageant, knowing they were changing. This cannot be tolerated in America. Moore needs to step down.

Cody Eliff


Editor's note: Moore has vehemently denied the allegations.