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Wednesday's editorial, “Another American Massacre,” leaves the reader with one question: What do you propose to address the issue? As usual, this editorial made no attempt to offer any legitimate solution.

In response to this incomplete editorial screed, I am in favor of keeping firearms out of the hands of certain people. So now that you have my support, what is your proposed solution?

Ban assault rifles? Already have that. Clamoring for such ban means you have no idea what an assault rifle is. Look it up and you will find that unless you are in the U.S. military or one of a select few specially licensed by the feds, no one owns an assault rifle. Because a weapon “looks like” an assault rifle does not make it one, any more than the “look alike” pellet pistol or rifle at the local Walmart is a firearm.

Maybe require background checks for purchase at gun shows. We already have that.

Better yet, maybe you would like to adopt the tough anti-gun laws of Chicago, Baltimore, and Detroit, among others? What a dismal failure those laws have been.

Next time you should do research on the type of person who does the shootings you abhor. Develop a profile of what they are like; their education level, their childhood, their employment, and even their political leanings. Let us know what your profile reveals.

Les Shields