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AR-15s are not assault weapons. Fifty years ago, we had rifles that could also shoot more than 25 rounds as fast as you could pull the trigger without reloading and they also had powerful scopes. The difference is that back then when we had a nut with a gun that went out on a murder spree we blamed the shooter and not society or the gun.

The media never mentions that our 18 most dangerous cities are all Democratic controlled, gang-related activity accounts for 80 percent of our homicides, or that 98 percent of mass shootings happen in gun-free zones. Liberals think conservatives are violent because we own guns. When was the last time a group of conservatives blocked a freeway, turned over cop cars, rioted, looted or burned buildings?

Guns are used in self-defense 2.5 million times a year and if we weren't armed it would have been 2.5 million more deaths or victims of violent crime. Every day, we have more than 85 million firearm owners that kill no one, but the Democrats and media still want to punish them for the action of a few.

Democrats are also going after our ammunition in Congress and will never stop until they reach their goal of the complete prohibition of private firearms. Liberals say if we're against gun control, we must be in favor of killing children when they support killing 2,000 babies a day.

Don Erbst Sr.