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Let's say, hypothetically, that there is a popular product in the marketplace that has also been killing people by the hundreds.

What if there was a well-funded organization that pushed for unrestricted sales of this product by lobbying and contributing large sums of money to public officials? And this then led to well-funded public officials countermanding an expanding grassroots movement that was calling for the restriction or regulation of the sale of this product, arguing that it it is somehow un-American to do so, a conspiracy by dastardly liberals to regulate or ban a popular product and thus limit one's freedom and rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

And, besides that, government health agencies were restricted from releasing mortality statistics related to "the product" so the public would not be made fully aware of its true lethality. Would this not be considered conspiracy or collusion? Is this not corruption?

Raymond Wieringa