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Iowa’s elected leaders in Washington, D.C., should do more to help small business owners control rising health insurance costs. I’m among this state’s entrepreneurs. Running a DJ and party planning business was a long-held dream, but if health insurance premiums continue to rise unsustainably, I may have no option but to give it up.

Paying for my own insurance is very expensive and now the health insurance tax, scheduled to return next year, could make my health plan completely unaffordable.

It would be unwise to risk my health by going uninsured, so the health insurance tax could force me to find a new line of work with employer-based coverage. Even then, I realize that most companies are passing more healthcare costs on to their employees, as paycheck contributions toward premiums and higher out-of-pocket costs rise due to less generous plans. I’m not sure how any middle class person is expected to get ahead.

Members of Congress must accept that the health insurance tax was a mistake. The best thing to do is keep the tax on hold. They successfully passed a moratorium for 2019, so it should be possible to do the same for 2020. With insurance rate approval season bearing down, however, they need to act right away to protect entrepreneurs and families.

I’m looking to Sen. Chuck Grassley to lead the charge to suspend the 2020 health insurance tax, and I urge him to make this a priority.

Antonio Collins



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