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Fred Hubbell sponsored or worked for Planned Parenthood for more than 30 years. 

In a 1964 pamphlet, Planned Parenthood took an official position against abortion saying an abortion kills the life of the baby after it has begun. Now it says the strong can kill the weak if they are inconvenienced. With Democratic political ads about babies being ripped from their mothers arms, it's only fair to see ads that Hubbell was ripping children from their mothers womb.

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood made many comments Iowa voters need to know about such as" birth control is nothing more or less than weeding out the unfit." 

The Hubbell's prayers were answer by them surviving a 13-day terrorist hijacking ordeal in 1981, so they decided to make a difference in people's lives and their community. So now with Iowa's population around three million and with abortions in Iowa approaching the 300,000 mark we can thank Fred Hubbell for making nearly a 10 percent difference in Iowa.

Planned Parenthood Votes is part of a Super Pac that's spending $30 million on the mid term elections from contributions, but from whom? 

Don Erbst Sr.


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