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Letter: Hypocrites

Letter: Hypocrites


In 2016, U.S. Sens. Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst objected to holding a hearing on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee because it was only eight months to the election.

Somehow, President Trump’s nomination about a week ago is different, even though Americans are literally voting today. Grassley says voters were thinking of the Supreme Court vacancy in 2016. He wants us to believe that voters are not thinking of the Supreme Court now.

Grassley says he supports an immediate vote on the nominee because there is no ambiguity in what Americans want, as Americans reaffirmed their support for Trump by increasing the Republican majority by two in the Senate in 2018. I disagree. The 2018 election only involved 33 Senate seats, but Americans voted on all 435 House seats. Thus, the House is more representative of what all of America thought.

In 2018, Democrats gained 41 seats in the House winning 53.4% of all votes cast for House seats. Republicans received 44.8% of the votes. If you look at all the votes in the Senate races, you see that Democrats won 58.4% of all votes cast, while the Republicans received 38.8% of all votes. A clear majority did not support Trump.

The numbers show that Grassley is either lying or deliberately misleading Iowans when he says the American people reaffirmed their support for Trump two years ago. To me, Grassley is lying. The only difference between Grassley and Ernst is that Grassley has become a lying hypocrite, while Ernst has always been one.

Margaret Walsh



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