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The times are ominous. The resignation of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis after President Trump’s unilateral and reckless decision to withdraw troops from Syria is devastating.

Trump, in every way he can, is wrecking our democracy, placing our nation in peril and making it ripe for a takeover by the Russians.

On the economic front, there are rumblings of a depression, not a recession.

To deepen the crisis, Trump closes down the government if Congress doesn’t give him the money for his wall. We need a comprehensive immigration policy with provisions for keeping our borders secure, but a wall won’t do that.

Just a reminder: Trump promised that Mexico would pay for the wall. Congress should tell Trump he can have his wall as soon as the Mexican government sends the U.S. Treasury the payment for it.

At this point, what does it matter if our government shuts down?

I was born into a world at war, Word War II, but these are the darkest times I have ever lived in.

Our senators, Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst, have cozied up to Trump for so long, I do not see how they and the Senate Republicans can effectively check his rampage of terror.

I am deeply afraid for my country.

Mary Orr


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