Letter: I can change

Letter: I can change


It's a new year. Time to reflect on the past and look ahead. I did OK with last year's resolutions. I can do more. The evidence of global warming is increasing. I will face the challenges of our world and not continue the ways of the past. Here are my resolutions. What are yours?

1. Learn about reducing lawn size and have plants that store carbon and help butterflies and bees.

2. Avoid plastics. Learn the new ways (which is often the way our grandparents lived) to have products without plastics.

3. Eat less meat and support local farmers. Join a CSA (community supported agriculture). Buy at the farmer's market.

4. Support green businesses. Change my investments from fossil fuels to green.

5. Write elected officials and social groups on issues of climate change like the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, a moratorium on concentrated animal feeding operations and tax incentives for sustainable energy. I will support what they are doing or educate them on what they should be doing.

These all will improve my world by reducing my carbon footprint, cleaning up the mess I have made, supporting those who are changing, lowering my cholesterol, and making a better future for my great-grandkids. Change is hard. People are changing and doing more. So can I.

Charlene Lange

Iowa City


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