You are one of over 250 million people who get up each morning and, after looking into the mirror, you see either a man or a woman. Democrats would rather you see one of 79 other genders identified to call you a victim in an attempt to keep our country divided.

If you're anything other than white, you're a victim. If you're too lazy to take precautions to prevent getting pregnant and want to abort an innocent life that will never experience the choices we all cherish, you're a victim. If you're a single parent who got married to government handouts then you're also a victim.

Criminals that kidnap, rape and murder women are victims too. In most states they can't be given a lethal injection for their crimes, but babies can be given lethal injections because they are not victims.

Free needles for your drugs, getting stoned on legalized pot and living along our streets or highways, relieving yourself anywhere you choose, is now your right. Don't let the rats or disease bother you because we'll give you free medical care.

We sit back and allow our young men to shoot and kill each other on a daily basis in our major cities. With 14,000 dead each year, aren't they victims too? Why no outrage by Democrats or our media about these daily shootings?

Stupidity and insanity now join the class warfare, racism and bigotry of the Democratic Party. It's really sad how far the Democratic Party has fallen, isn't it?

Don Erbst Sr.


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