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I am writing in regard to the front page article in the Nov. 11 edition, "Election Shows Divide in Iowa." In the sixth paragraph in particular is the left-leaning rhetoric that contributes to this divide. It says rural lowans tend to be older, there are fewer minorities and are less educated." As a magna cum laude graduate of Wartburg College, I find this stereotype maddening.

Is it possible that these old, white, stupid folks might just prefer fewer taxes and less regulations on their farms and small businesses. These policies have proven to lower unemployment in the urban areas because of economic growth. A more balanced article may have pointed out the independent spirit of rural Iowans, a spirit that sees the failure of throwing more money at most failed government social programs.

I have learned to expect the usual liberal slant from this newspaper and can ignore it, but the insults are the last straw. My subscription will not be renewed.

Jeffrey Howe


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