Letter: Investigate bridge allegations

Letter: Investigate bridge allegations


Regarding your Nov. 8 front-page article, "Bridge Workers: Contractor purposely delaying bridge", I commend the Quad-City Times and writer Barb Ickes for this top-notch investigative article.

Construction projects of this magnitude have rigorous bidding processes that allow ample time for contractors to evaluate the design package, question the designers, evaluate the site geology and meteorology, solicit subcontractors, and prepare cost estimates.

The winning contractor, Lunda, surely thought themselves capable when they bid the job and were awarded a $322 million dollar contract only after being deemed the competent low bidder by the Department of Transportation. It is disingenuous for Lunda to claim now that the bridge is "not constructible".

Surely construction duration is a contractual requirement with penalties for unreasonable delays. These delay penalties should be assessed.

Furthermore, allegations by a former Lunda supervisor and construction workers that they were directed to conspire to slow progress and modifications should be thoroughly investigated.

Investigation not only by attorney general, but also federal authorities. I hope that due process allows for gathering under-oath testimony of the former Lunda supervisor and workers — and subpoenas of emails and other records for evidence of conspiracy to defraud the government.

Ickes' reporting provides reasonable concerns that not only incompetence but criminal conduct may have occurred on this project. State and federal authorities need to pursue the truth.

If evidence warrants it, prosecute to the fullest extent of the law those responsible. Hopefully, the jury would include several local commuters and delivery drivers.

 Matt Nilsson



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