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I find little comfort in Iowa Rep. Dawn Pettengill’s, R-Mount Auburn, reassurances in her recent guest column that there will be no changes to the Iowa Public Employees’ Retirement System (IPERS) this legislative session.

Trust is hard to come by after what transpired last session, when she and others of her party totally gutted a collective bargain process that had served the citizens of Iowa very well for over 40 years with very little discussion or input from citizens or the members from the other side of the aisle. Now she wants us to believe that no changes will be made to a pension plan that has served Iowans for 65 years.

I urge everyone to take a look at Iowa Senate File 45. It calls for studies to be carried out to select “an alternative defined contribution retirement plan.. This is a drastic change from the past 65 years of what she refers to as, “…is well-managed and remains one of the most sound pension systems in the entire country.”

Senate File 45 calls for these studies to be submitted to her Joint Retirement Systems Committee by October of 2018 when the Iowa Legislature is not in session. Oh, and SF 45 also has a built in effective start date of July, 2019. So, Rep. Pettengill, maybe this is a campaign issue. For you to suggest otherwise is deceptive and disgusting. I believe we should expect better from you.

Richard Toohill


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