Iowa public employees; beware of SF45. It eliminates IPERS for all new employees starting July 1, 2019. This would affect teachers, police officers, firefighters, city, county, public hospital workers, and state employees. The bill was written last session, but Gov. Reynolds will not talk about it. The Koch brothers-funded Reason Foundation was hired to make recommendations. Of course, it will favor eliminating IPERS in favor of a privatized system. We have seen the disaster of privatizing Medicaid.

IPERS has worked well for 65 years and there is no reason to change it. IPERS is one of the best and most solid pension systems in the nation. They are doing it to punish Unions. It is payback. It is just like when collective bargaining was not discussed in any campaign prior to the 2016 election and then eliminated in 10 days when the GOP got total control. One GOP state representative told me, “what have unions done for the GOP?” Hmmm, educated your children, kept them safe, medical care, fire protection, plowed your roads and so on. 

We need elected officials who support public employees.

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John Brostad

Storm Lake

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