Since an election for president is coming up, thought should be given to the job description and requirements for the position:

• A record of leadership with demonstrated sensitivity to ethical norms and honesty.

• Clearly articulated commitment to enforcing the laws of our country, strengthening our democracy and honoring our Constitution.

• Firm vision about the need to unify the world and form productive alliances with countries dedicated to democracy.

• A strong desire to avoid war and promote peace so all humans can flourish.

• Record of service to others and a willingness to not use the office primarily to further one’s own wealth.

• Vision of fostering, working with and respecting the other branches of government.

• Willingness to negotiate with all countries and to honor agreements made through such diplomacy.

• A clear vision of the difference between a democratically-elected president and an authoritarian ruler.

Within that minimal base a candidate can then present a vision and policies for taking our country forward.

Donald Moeller


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