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Across the state of Iowa, thousands of workers depend on the Labor Center at University of Iowa whether they know it or not. It's not just for workers in the trenches, either. Managers on all levels rely on the Labor Center for its expertise. 

The Labor Center teaches us about Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), workers' compensation, the Affordable Care Act, labor laws, and labor history. The staff stays on top of all changes in labor law.

The people who staff the office are knowledgeable, friendly and eager to help workers with any questions. They travel all over the state to educate, inform and help people.

If the Labor Center closes where will will workers go with their questions? Where will they go for classes to help them with their education about labor laws? 

This is not just a local problem: the entire state of Iowa would feel the repercussions of the Labor Center's closing.

Please lend your support to keeping the Labor Center open. It would affect you personally if it closes. 

Ann Byrne

West Branch


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