Recently, a TV station on the Illinois side had a story about Steve Duffy, one of three mayoral candidates in Davenport because of his Facebook post about Robert E. Lee and other postings on Facebook. Are they trying to stop his campaign or what could their motive be? Quad-City Times also printed an article about this instead of giving it the Thumbs Down it so rightly deserved. National news has become more and more nauseating over the last decade and is this a sign of what we have to look forward to from our local media?

President Woodrow Wilson said, "The role of Slavery became the proclaimed cause of the Civil War because it was necessary to put the South at a moral disadvantage by transforming the contest from a War for Independence into a war for the maintenance and extension of slavery."

Our schools don't teach the truth about American History and once the lies are written and published they become fact and hide the truth. In the past this was so true but not now thanks to social media. Now you can read about the thousands of blacks both men and women that were slave and plantation owners, or that Lincoln was responsible for over 50,000 civilians killed and violated the Constitution over a dozen times, or the greedy northerners that Lincoln sold out to. "Why The War Was Not About Slavery" by the Clyde Wilson Library and the Official U.S. Policy on Confederate Prisoners will truly open your eyes.

Don Erbst Sr.



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