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I am agnostic, low income and I survive as a musician, and I have a daughter. I study women's history and the Supreme Court. I'm concerned that the separation of church and state is in peril.

I feel that most beliefs and judgement about sex and reproduction are religious, especially the view that each conception and fetus is sacred to be held in the same regard as a fully grown female. It's a religious belief about a private matter, and contrary to evolution and common sense. We should be especially cautious of men like Trump, Pence and Gorsuch making religious decisions about women's health, at least until women make up half of the people in government instead of only 20 percent.

I've known several amazing women that have had abortions and I hope that if my daughter should ever need one that she'll be able to, regardless of her income level or other people's beliefs. I've heard it said we should be able to trust a woman going into a clinic as much as we should be able to trust a man going into a gun store.

Dan Huber

St. Charles, Illinois