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Well said, Karen from LeClaire.

What the world does not need is another gas-convenience store monster. The proposal to add another facility on the corner of U.S. Highway 67 and Eagle Ridge Road in LeClaire is a prime example of overkill. There are plenty of pumps in LeClaire to supply the many visitors. When travelers come to get gas in town they see the many businesses there. I bet even the American Pickers would be hurt by this proposed new convenience store. One of the first things, besides the river, that a visitor sees coming from the south is a gas station and it sits right next to the pickers. Ding-ding.

Some of the best gas prices, convenience store items and pizza is in mid-town and brings visitors to the shops that are up there and provides parking spaces to patronize the businesses up there and then stroll down Jones Street to the shops and the river. Come from the north and, lo and behold, a gas-convenience outlet. Ding-ding again. My, that’s a lot of pumps for one small town, eh?

And the Mississippi runs beautifully alongside LeClaire. There, the Twilight Riverboat docks next to the Buffalo Bill Museum.

Putting another shop on the edge of LeClaire is being done without consideration to the businesses in LeClaire. The visitors will stop, gas, and go right back on Interstate 80. They won’t even go up the hill to eat at the new breakfast nook or shop at the supermarket. Bye-bye visitor to town.

So, new conglomerate or established local businesses?

Brian E. Dugan