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Road trip.

Students around America are saving their lunch money and chartering buses to Washington, D.C.

Maybe they're not.

Financial and logistical requirements of such an undertaking are beyond high school students' capabilities. Instead, established left-wing groups are making arrangements. They're taking impressionable students on a road trip to D.C. Their goal's to coerce lawmakers into passing anti-gun legislation.

Students will be transported to Washington, led to the rally, and fawned over by a sympathetic media. The most articulate will be vetted for ideology, then allowed to preach to a cheering crowd. That audience, knowing little about the Constitution, and nothing about firearms, will applaud even the most ridiculous statements.

Closer to home, a Quad-Cities event is scheduled. The "usual suspects," pros that organize area rallies, are involved in the planning. Local media's already been notified. 

Don't believe me? Read for yourselves. From the public Facebook page, March For Our Lives - Quad Cities: "A huge thank you to the many local groups are joining us for this march: LULAC Davenport Council 10, NAACP, RI County Democratic party, Scott County Democratic party, One Human Family QCA, QC Pride, QC Interfaith, QC Democratic Socialists of America."

These well-financed, adult-led organizations regularly host marches for Q-C liberal causes. Now, they're shamelessly exploiting the fears and naivety of young students to further a long-held anti-gun agenda.

Progressives using children as pawns is despicable, but totally in character. For them, the end always justifies the means.

Eugene Mattecheck Jr.