I would like to thank Reg Shoesmith for his enlightening letter of Nov. 5. I appreciate that his opinions show how Republicans think about our country and its citizens. The fact that very few members of the GOP are willing to speak out when their leader debases the United States in word and action is chilling.

Apparently, Mr. Shoesmith is following the GOP playbook when he must verbally attack the opponent. There is no way Republicans can defend against the facts of the impeachment inquiry so they go after the messengers. It is a sad state of affairs when the GOP supports a person who engages in unethical activity within the borders of the United States and in other countries as well.

I remember when the GOP was the "law and order" party, as well as the party having a hard line against Russian aggression. The GOP holds neither view in today’s world. The Republicans are OK with withholding military aid to an ally in exchange for manufactured dirt on a political opponent. The Republicans are OK with a private citizen, along with criminally-indicted assistants, working to undermine our foreign policy in an allied country. The GOP feels no qualms about having members of the cabinet and ambassadors doing the political bidding of their leader.

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It will be many years, maybe decades, until the Republicans can undo all the harm they have brought on themselves and our country. The country is damaged at home and abroad because the GOP has lost its moral compass.

Faith Endresen


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