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Letter: Make democracy stronger

Letter: Make democracy stronger

Elections are my favorite sport, but lately I'm sick of politics. Both parties have become hyper-partisan, and legislators are more interested in making the news than making laws.

Politicians in Springfield are considering a bill that would address some of my frustrations and make our democracy stronger. The bill introduces Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) to Illinois. RCV is like the Iowa caucuses, except it's private. You number your candidates in order of preference on the ballot. If no one gets more than 50% of the vote, the candidate in last place is removed and their supporters' 2nd choices are distributed to the remaining candidates. The process continues until one candidate exceeds 50%. Maine and Alaska use RCV for state and federal races, several state parties use it for primaries, and many U.S. cities use it for local elections. Ireland and Australia have used RCV for decades.

I support RCV for three primary reasons. First, RCV gives voters a stronger voice by allowing them to express their opinion on all the candidates. Second, RCV reduces negative campaigning because candidates can't risk alienating other candidates' supporters if they want to be ranked #2 on those ballots. Finally, RCV would save the government money by eliminating runoff elections. This would also make campaigns less expensive, so our legislators could focus on making laws instead of raising money.

If you like the way Ranked Choice Voting sounds, please ask Sen. Anderson to support SB1785. Visit to learn more.

Annisa Wanat



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