It would be a shame for Democrats to choose their presidential nominee based on Froma Harrop’s simplistic reasoning (Sept. 5 column: "Biden doesn’t inspire? He doesn’t have to.").

On Sen. Warren’s and Sen. Sanders’ passionate following at rallies versus Mr. Biden’s more subdued gatherings, Harrop cites Biden’s current lead in the polls claiming that "... passive Democrats – who greatly outnumber the excited ones – just want to replace Donald Trump."

Can we agree that almost all Democratic caucus participants and primary voters want to replace Trump? Harrop admits that Warren, Sanders or Biden would beat Trump in head-to-head contests.

With five months remaining until the Iowa caucuses, for Harrop the race is already over: "For Democrats, Biden is clearly the one" since Biden "... would offer dignified leadership. Biden’s no kid, but he’s experienced." Undermining this claim, she says he "... would surround himself with smart people. And a more progressive running mate could move things forward as Biden sells new ideas to Middle America."

Why would he require the "more progressive candidate" to sell "... new ideas to Middle America?" After 40 years in the U.S. Senate and eight as vice president, is it any wonder that Biden requires propping up on "new ideas" and the assurance of being surrounded by "smart people?"

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Democrats ought to hear much more from Biden – and all other candidates – as they articulate and argue over policy ideas and display the intellectual vigor and energy worthy of the Oval Office.

Let’s not anoint anyone based on today’s polls without having them earn it.

Michael Gottlieb


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