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In response to the March 26 story about Rock Island looking to improve Sunset Marina: I'm glad to see the city recognizes there's a problem there however, I think it should take a look at what's really wrong before lobbing the problems to another company with no real understanding of the issue. Probe both current and past marina guests and lease holders and I bet it would find the problems really aren't that difficult, likely in two main areas:

  • Existing management needs to change. People have evolved however, the management has not. 
  • Cost. As attendance declines, the answer is not to simply increase the rates for the remaining slip lease holders in an effort to cover the spread. The only thing you've done is successfully price yourself out of most people's ranges, nearly double of the majority of other marinas in the Quad-Cities. That fact is confirmed since they offer a half-off deal that is a moving target to hit, and I have yet to find anyone able to actually meet the ridiculous criteria to receive the deal.

I'm a fan of the city taking action and wanting to improve the space and overall experience for guests of the park and marina. I think before trucking out a bunch of money that ultimately will be left for the users to absorb, take a strong look within.

Dave Ford


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