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Our bias media has become nothing but a propaganda tool for the Democratic Party. It cares little of you and is only interested in advancing its own agenda. Quad-City Times Opinion page is an example of this far-left liberal bias we see throughout our media. Many of the editorials that's we're told reflects the views of the editorial board seems to be coming directly from Democratic headquarters. It would be more appropriate and honest to let the readers know the author of each article.

Another Quad-Cities newspaper allows 350 words in letters to the editor, instead 250. Maybe the Times could do the same and with less editing, then print less from columnist from The Washington Post or Miami Herald. This anti- American garbage is always very negative and doubtful if we'll ever see an article praising all the successes of our president.

Our media is covering up for a political party with only one message: resisting everything that comes out of the White House. And, with the Russia story bombing, all they have left now is "who paid the porn star?"

How can any media with an ounce of integrity back a political party that's anti-free speech, anti-constitution, anti-citizen, anti-capitalism and anti-Trump at all cost?

Don Erbst Sr.