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The Iowa 2018 exit poll of voters who elected a Republican trifecta asked their opinions on several important issues.

The majority of those polled were in favor of keeping IPERS, increasing the minimum wage, public funds for public schools, increased funding for public schools, state control of Medicaid, restoring public employee bargaining rights, funding public services instead of a small tax cut, reducing farm runoff, background checks for rifles and shotguns, that the wealthy and corporations pay more taxes, and restoring funding for Planned Parenthood.

Forty-nine percent approved of President Trump and 48 percent did not; 50 percent for Gov. Kim Reynolds and 47 percent Fred Hubbell. Thirty-five percent were Democrats, 37 percent Republicans and 38 percent independents. The miracle is getting elected while ignoring the issues. Will the new state government follow the majority opinion, or as in the last two years, follow the instructions from ALEC. For more information, Google Iowa 2018 exit poll and ALEC.

J H Gardner, MD


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