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Letter: Miller-Meeks owes an apology

Letter: Miller-Meeks owes an apology

Rep. Miller-Meeks prides herself on her military service. It is commendable that she has chosen to serve her country. It is also commendable that she has turned to a life of service through ophthalmology and her current position in Congress. Given those experiences, someone like Marianette Miller-Meeks certainly knows that her words and her actions carry more weight than the average citizen.

I can look the other way when she refuses to wear a mask on the floor of Congress, defying the rules, because this is her choice and she will take the consequences that are appropriately given to her. However, when Miller-Meeks shared a conspiracy theory about whether or not children could spread the COVID virus — they can — I started to seriously consider her credibility.

Most recently, Miller-Meeks shared an article from a fake news site that stated “President Biden to withhold health care benefits from unvaccinated veterans as part of an aggressive new initiative to combat COVID-19”. Without fact-checking the site or the source, this information was posted to Twitter. After Miller-Meeks was told the site was a parody and after veterans became concerned, she still refused to take it down.

Miller-Meeks knows the weight of her words. She knows that as a veteran and a member of Congress people look to her for the truth. If Miller-Meeks can’t apologize and admit she made a mistake, she shouldn’t be afforded a position of power in Congress.

Kim Hildebrand



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