Congratulations, Kerry Etringer (Letter, May 29) on completing college the hard way. I did it that way too. But, I feel you miss the mark on student indebtedness.

College is now big business — it significantly outstrips inflation and leaves students (some not college material anyway) impoverished for life.

Look up Walter Williams’ recent column "Higher education in America." His statistics are alarming. Many students are buying a pig in a poke, paying top dollar yet winding up without skills that enable them to be successful. Yes, buyers should beware. But, schools need more "skin in the game." And our government needs to build in (for everyone, top-to-bottom) more transparency, accountability, checks and balances and enforcement of standards.

The best money this country ever spent was on the G.I. Bill. Student loans too. You say you generally vote the party that supports leveling the playing field for the common man.

Harden not your heart to that noble endeavor because it seems others haven’t struggled. Wages stayed flat. Benefits and pensions disappeared. For all but the most affluent, life has become an ever-increasing struggle.

It’s always necessary to ask for more than we expect to get. One-hundred percent student loan forgiveness may be extreme, but could you support a free first year? Not as a "blatant purchase of votes,? but as simple justice.

As a veteran, how do you feel about politicians who deport men who for years wore the same uniform you did, but whose birth certificate didn’t say U.S.A.?

Jeanne Herrity


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