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This fall, as you cast your ballot, I would ask you vote to re-elect Norlin Mommsen as your District 97 Representative.

I have known Norlin for a number of years including time prior to holding public office. Norlin is a hard working farmer that is willing to do what it takes to get the job done, and done right! I believe he has proven that as our representative and will do that for us in the future. I previously served with Norlin on the Clinton County Farm Bureau Board. As director, Norlin brought wisdom and great ideas to the table regularly with agricultural issues we faced in Clinton County.

Norlin was also a budget minded individual that made the rest of us think about the value of a dollar spent. As our representative, Norlin has worked hard to continue to be a voice for farmers and Ag issues. Norlin has been a champion for our states water quality initiative, and has worked tirelessly to figure out ways to find dedicated funding for this program. Outside of Ag, Norlin was very supportive of the creation of a new individual healthcare benefit market in Iowa. This new legislation will create affordable healthcare for Iowans who otherwise had no other economic choice.

Norlin is not the typical smooth talking politician from Des Moines, but if you are looking or someone to represent District 97 and do what is right for Iowa he is they man to vote for.

Matt Willimack


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