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Letter: More than jobs and taxes

Letter: More than jobs and taxes

How can the possible new major Davenport warehouse be a national showcase, a benefit to employees, and a marketing boon for the owner? With extra thought and planning, the owner can reduce operating expenses, attract employees, and take better advantage of existing tax incentives. Instead of building a typical warehouse, by improving the thermal envelope (building surfaces), increasing natural lighting, including geothermal and photovoltaic solar, requiring full electrification (structure and operations), being conscious of embedded carbon (greenhouse gas, or GHG, emissions from materials and construction), coordinating with its utilities, thinking in terms of life-cycle costs and benefits, and providing its design firm with performance goals, the owner company can build a net zero GHG emissions and energy facility (possibly at a negative green premium).

This construction and operations approach would reduce the overall embedded carbon of the products handled in the warehouse, which is another marketing plus. Such a facility would generate significant positive national publicity for Davenport, construction and supplier contractors, designers, and of course the owner.

These improvements over a typical warehouse are not government requirements, but how future facilities can be constructed now. Hopefully the yet unnamed firm is already thinking far into its future and ours.

Ned Shepherd



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